Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something I Came Up With When Bordem Strikes...

Is it wrong that I want this friendship all to myself? Is it my fault you make me want to rebel? Is it our fault that we're so far gone out of this world? Is it my fault I want to be your girl? Is it wrong to tell you how much you amaze me? Is it cool to tell people everything you do phases me? (Good & bad) Is it wrong that I ask so many questions when you come to mind? I can't help myself; we got this kind of mind set to do whatever we can to make things better. You make me better. When it comes down to the certain things I want to experience with you, it's over-whelming. But time is the one that's telling. I never want this to end because this is so true. And I promise to be true to you. You’re basically my only. You’re always there when I’m lonely. I don't roll with the fake homies, they don't know me. Not like you. They do the things you'll never do. I call, you come through. You got me and I got you. That’s how I want it to stay, that's how I want it to be...I want you to forever stay with me. ♥

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