Sunday, August 2, 2009

All She Wanted...

she was so pissed to the point she wanted to cut something and make it bleed. her dukes took everything. keys, money, teenager-hood. she wasn't living the life she wanted to. as she sat in the dark and waited for the person to come home who she hated the most she held a knife in her hand. not one of those small ones you peel apples with. those HUGE knifes you cut chicken with or something. crying over it cause she was about to do something people couldn't picture her doing. she was about to cut alright. the lock turns and the door-knob juggles. she gets up from the chair and walks to the opening door. her mother sees her in tears and doesn't even look like she gives a shit her daughter is bawling like Niagara.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" mother says. "YOU, your the one fucking wrong with me!" she was shocked she swore. she never swears when her mother is around, unless it's an accident. "I beg your pardon?" her mother replies with her hand on her hip, full of attitude. "I'm sorry, am i speaking another language? YOU HEARD ME" her mom sees the knife in her hand. "What are you doing with that?" questioned asked by mother. "oh i don't know. since the fact that you wanna live to be a old, ripe age and not have any stress in life, i decided to help you out..." Her mom looked at her as if daughter was going to kill her "All i asked of you was to just let me LIVE and i'm sad to even think about begging for that from someone who hasn't lived themselves. asking someone with no fucking life if they even have one themselves. it's funny because it's MY life and i'm asking a no life to live MINE." she laughs as if her joke was that funny. mom goes "who the hell are you talking to" "I'M SORRY I WASN'T DONE MY STORY. DON'T CUT ME OFF! AIN'T NO BODY DISRESPECTING YOU SO USE YOUR EARS AND LISTEN TO ME!" mom's face was so shocked, it looked like she seen a ghost! "Do you know what it's like to fucking wake up everyday wishing either you were dead or even adopted? sometimes wishing that your mother had an ABORTION?! i never had ANYONE lock me down like you, never had someone talk to me like you, or spend my whole life with someone and have the littlest convos with. do you know i hate you? do you know i wish sometimes you were dead instead of me? just cause i'm physically here, i'm not all here. you killed me MOTHER. I HATE CALLING YOU MOTHER CAUSE YOU DON'T FIT THE DESCRIPTION!"

mom started to cry due to hurt, bashful words coming out her daughters mouth! "don't pull that shit with me" daughter says after she sees the tears "you always playing victim like someone did something to you. you always gotta be the good one right. WELL I'M THE ONE THAT'S SUFFERING! i'm the one that has to kill all my dreams cause you always have to have you own fucking way. but trust me, IT ALL ENDS TODAY!" mother says with a river flowing off her face. "please, don't kill me" "aha, she begs for her life, why should i spare you? have you ever spared me besides pushing out your cunt? have you ever listened to anything i ever ask you? have you ever been nice to me? HAVE YOU?" mother says "i let you stay here, gave you clothes, food to eat, send you to school. phone, internet. want more do you want child?" daughter looks at her mother with more rage in her eyes and replies "ALL I EVER WANTED FROM YOU WAS FOR YOU TO TRUST ME AND BE MY FUCKING FRIEND! is that too much to ask out of you? seems so. i wanted from you to let me hang with my friends and let me be a teenager. BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THAT'S A FUCKING ISSUE." daughter couldn't control her hand any longer she raised her had as if she was getting ready to stab someone.

and she did.

she hits the floor with these last words she uttered to her screaming mother:
"hope my baby bonuses keep you warm at night, have the best life. i could never live mine, might as well take it..."

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