Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Racing Mind

T&T got my thinking
so much that i'm not even blinking
getting in serious tune with my feelings
loosing feeling of my every being
visions of you ponder on my mind
and they're thoughts of "that kind"
this has me up against the wall
hoping that it's on a cliff and i watch me fall
all that i'm hoping, stuff that i'm wishing hoping that someone up there between the stars is listening
wondering if someday they'll have there mercy
on me and give me what i desire
cause all i want is someone that inspires
it's been a minute since i actually wrote something with meaning
that people won't understand because in a sense
they don't know me,
they can't see my hands enough with this sugar coated fantasy
time for everyone to jump back to reality
i feel that not everyone is being real with themselves
picking their lives off selves
you see something,
you want it
when you have it,
you flaunt it
when you try to be different
you're strange
at least you're out here making a change
i don't know
i just have a racing mind right now
thank you T&T, take a special bow.
in some cases,
it's hard to see people happy when your sad
it's tiring to see kids your age acting bad
it's easy to say you can do anything
do something not difficult to end up with nothing.

This is what you get when you have a racing mind...

you can come up with anything....?

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