Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Guess That's Me

had this...dream
i guess you can call it that.
it was super crazy to me...cause i always had your back
it was something i see you doing, chasing your dream

i was one step behind you supporting, that's how it seemed
it was hard i can lie, and i barely saw you.
but all i could do was sit on the side, just watch you do you.
shooting for the stars and not believing the sky is truly the limit
but i was there. i was always there. supporting you.i never forgot it.
then boom! you got your big break. money was flowing on like water from a warm tap.
it was like vanish, everything was a wrap.
you were focused, from money to tracks to clothes to music.
everything was finally going your way, i never abused it.
i waited for you to finally realize that i didn't leave like most did
i sticked around and still stayed posted.
i guess that's me. the one that waits.
but knowing it's worth it is the reason why i stay.

couples years go by now, and the business is moving steady...wasn't as crazy as when we were young
you turn to me and say "i think it's time, you know when two becomes one"
i look at you....and ask..."huh?"
you smile and begin to talk about how when no one was there it was always me.
you see
it all started when i started dreaming big and you were down more then anyone...

- Aubrey Hope.

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