Tuesday, July 21, 2009

why must i?

so it's fucking early in the morning right now and i can't get no damn sleep. why you ask? cause i have someone on my mind. and this someone is what you call a close friend of mine. hints upon hints have been dropped to him on how i feel and honestly, i wish they haven't. me, i'm the type to keep shit bottled in till i burst out fully and tell you. (i feel when i do that, it counts more). i really don't see a reason why i should like him, i mean he's taken and shit. i've liked him for a HOT ass minute and he knows...i think. he keeps asking but i tell him no i don't, there's no point. it's true though. there really isn't. he's caught up at the moment.

why must i like a dude that has his hands tied. he asked me to be honest about my feelings, then i lie. i hate to be the one to sit by. cause all it does is makes me cry. all i gotta do is try...

but that's a little for now. :)

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